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Ryan guide

Ryan / Bounty Hunter guide

to mitsu,,;

      1. Introduction

This is a global guide about Ryan. It may not contain every omgomg stuff, and is probably incomplete. My english is far from being perfect... and Ryan isn t translated in english yet... THOSE ARE NOT TRANSLATIONS.

      1. LEGAL

this guide has entirely been written by MoonlessGown, which means ME (or any of my 16 other chars ok)

any reproduction or modification of this guide, partial or full, is forbidden without my consent .

you are free to make a "short" (laws are strange here) quote of this guide adding the writer and the URL address where you found this guide .

you are also free to use this guide for your personal entertainment, but it can t be used for financial ways .

to contact me : donefightingalready(at)hotmail(dot)fr

      1. Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  1. LEGAL

  2. Table of Contents

  3. Meleeing [MLG]

  4. Skills : Tab 1 [ST1]

  5. Skills : Tab 2 [ST2]

  6. Skills : Tab 3 [ST3]

  7. Other Skills [OTH]

  8. Combo stuff [CBS]

  9. Conclusion [CLS]

      1. Meleeing [MLG]

First thing you need to always remember is the blind spot in front of Ryan... As long as enemy is in front of you, you can t hit him with A's (dash – A S solves this problem) .


A's are low angle attacks, althought they can flinch enemies a bit. They vertical limit is very low so you got to be careful on your timing. Dash and skill cancellable


Slow attack, throw some bullets for low dmg output in front of you.. also burns mp... use this to cancel stuff.


Three bullets, then a dash forward that launch enemy in air. Highest air time melee launcher for Ryan. This is necessary to do the away-from-wall combo. Dash and skill cancellable.


Two bullets then an uppercut. Fast, nice air time but short range. Dash and skill cancellable.


Three bullets then a rocket. Those rockets have nice vertical limit, and their angle are nice enough.

Dash, skill and attack cancellable.


Throw two bullets at ground, same dmg formula than yuki. Kinda short range. Basic SP combo is (combo, air time) - A A A A – SP.

SP – dash A is possible.

He also can t abuse of the skill cancellable down attack... so...

Dash – A S

Gun stab then a rocket. Your main weapon! It can be cancelled by attacks and skills so you can spam it easily. It is used to get first hit and infinite. If you re fast enough you can have three rockets flying at the same time...

Dash – A S – S – dash – A S – S ... etc

      1. Skills : Tab 1 [ST1]

Tab 1 is gatling (게틀링).

Skill 1 : Machine gun (연속사격)

Throw bullets in front of you in an angle of 90°. total : 11 hit.

Can be comboed at wall (high decay) or to snipe a bit.

STAGE : 0 (get rb version) PVP : 0,1

Skill 2 : Barrage (집중사격)

Total of 4/5 hits? Low dmg... kinda long cast time not really useful. It can be used on someone who s downed.. to down him again! Weeee!

STAGE : 0 PVP : 0

Skill 3 : Backstep (견제사격)

Ryan tumbles backwards while shooting. Useful to cancel tab 1 skill 6 (reckless shooting) during combos. No invincible frames.

STAGE : 0 PVP : 1

Skill 4 : sidestep (right) (우회피사격)

Ryan tumbles to the right while shooting. Invincible frames 0,0 sec to 0,3 sec, mostly to evade melee Can be used for some shifting, not really efficient tho..

STAGE : 0 PVP : 1

Skill 5 : sidestep (left) (좌회피사격)

Ryan tumbles to the left while shooting. Invincible frames 0,0 sec to 0,3 sec, mostly to evade melee Can be used for some shifting, not really efficient tho..

STAGE : 0 PVP : 1

Skill 6 : that DMC-like move (무차별사격),,, mmm reckless shooting(?)

Ryan jumps in air and shoots over and over. Total 16 hit. Nice dmg, nice in combo, use at ground to max its efficiency. There s a delay at the end of this skill so make sure you cancel it in PVP.


Skill 7 : New machine gun

This skills is the same than the normal version, except the bullets doesn t disappear once they hit.


      1. Skills : Tab 2 [ST2]

Tab 2 is pew pew rockets! (유탄)

Skill 1 : Steel Bomb (강철폭탄)

This skill is dash cancellable after the first hit. Nice dmg maxed. Very useful in pvp... since you can down attack before the stun hits. If you have enough air time (after A A A A), the skill will combo and give nice air time. Does one to three hits, althought it will mostly hit once in pvp.. or twice if you have timing.

For stage i recommand to get RB version... but if u lack dps.. get both


Skill 2 : Burning Land (불타는대지)

90° aoe in front of you. Causes downed target to wake up and freeze them for a fast period of time after it hits, also it doesn t hit in air... though it hits for 1.5 sec or so, so you can make it hit with no decay.

Since it wakes up and freeze you can use it to reset your combo and continue after.. but it requires to have a perfect position.


Skill 3 : Death Rocket (죽음의탄환)

Throw a rockets that deals nice dmg and aoe. Mid cast time.

STAGE : 0, MAX PVP : 0

Skill 4 : Shock of Flames (화염충격)

Make an explosion that deals higher dmg and larger aoe than previous skill, and, of course, slower cast time. Can be used as combo finisher, or after a freezing.

STAGE : 0, MAX PVP : MAX mostly

Skill 5 : Fire Bullet Rain (유황비)

Large 360° aoe that deals ok dmg. Rather slow cast time... can gives nice air time depending of where the target is.

STAGE : 0, 1, MAX PVP : 0, 1 (cause huge aoe are always fun in city arena)

Skill 6 : Lava Blast (용암폭발) :

Nice dmg, high air time if used in a combo (comboable before and after) + invincible frames. Note that the dmg increase for maxing (300 dmg) will only matter if you use immediately at wall.. if you lack points and don t do that... leave it at 1


Skill 7 : New Steel Bullet

Almost no changes except higher dmg..

STAGE : 0, MAX PVP : 0

      1. Skills : Tab 3 [ST3]

Tab 3 is Railgun (레일건)

Skill 1 : pew pew lazorz (연발레일건)

Hits at least twice ... on large mobs it hits like 8 times so get it or your ryan will suxx in bonus/myth -.-


Skill 2 : Frozen lazorz (냉동레일건)

2,2 sec freezing. Works on bosses. Mid cast time, ok dmg i guess... absolutely necessary for pvp! If you don t have this you should quit... Also works in air time.

STAGE : 1 PVP : 1

Skill 3 : Amplificated lazorz (증폭레일건)

Slowest skill for Ryan! Which is 1 sec... not that bad.. You can combo it after freeze or stun. Useful for easy dmg in pvp... not that awesome for unflinchable mobs (that s why allm gives us rebirth version :d ).

Hits up to ten times which makes it nice dmg.

STAGE : 0, 1 PVP : 1, MAX

Skill 4 : No mercy lazorz! Weee (무자비한사격)

2,2 sec freezing, 8 total hits. Nice dmg, angle is higher than it looks like. Easily comboable. It s also 90 sec CD like iron hammer

STAGE : 1, MAX PVP : MAX (you ll need dmg for freeze combo)

Skill 5 : New amplificated lazorz

Higher dmg and now fires two projectiles, means nice dmg on large unflinchable mobs.


      1. Other Skills [OTH]

Buffs... he got unboosted prot fort (bonus def, hp regen, FLINCHABLE), that dacy s increase max dmg and a slow kind of price of sacrifice. I recommand 0 for all... or 4 for prot fort if you got enough points.

His passive are HP increase (MAX/6), MP increase (0 or 1/8),HP regen (MAX/8), MP regen (1 or MAX/8), Deadly blow (0 or 1/8) and Increase max dmg (0 or 1/8).

      1. Combo stuff [CBS]

Away-from-wall combo :

(combo) – A A A A – dash – A turn S – Reckless Shooting – back step – dash A S – etc

Infinite :

dash A S – S – etc

Melee shift :

(combo, enough air time) - dash A S – S – 45° shift – A A (A) – dash A S – etc

Stun combo :

(combo, enough air time) – dash A S – Steel Bullet – (dash SP ( - dash A ) - ) whatever you want...

Freeze combo :

(ground, best is after amplificated lazorz) – Freezing lazorz – dash – Pew pew lazorz – dash – No mercy lazorz – etc

Burning Land reset combo :

(comboing) – dash – A S (at this point you must be at around a dash - A distance from target) – Burning Land – dash – A S – etc

      1. Conclusion [CLS]

Ryan is a char which can hit with melee and start a combo basically everywhere if you know how to anticipate well. Use mind games to lead into skills with no decay... abuse stun and freeze combo for dmg. His basic combos are low dmg... And I m not enough of a stager to rate his dps... although... he has some potential I think :d

Practice! Keep in mind that guy will cost you 1G50S (reagent) per day :d

This is what you should at least have at lv 70 for pvp build

PVPERS! you should not rb before lv 70

And don t break your keyboard because the server fails :d

Thanks for reading,



Monday, December 29, 2008

guide part 1

Dainn's skills usage in combo

by MoonlessGown




this guide has entirely been written by MoonlessGown, which means ME .

any reproduction or modification of this guide, partial or full, is forbidden without my consent .

you are free to make a "short" (law(l)s are strange here) quote of this guide adding the writer and the URL address where you found this guide .

you are also free to use this guide for your personal entertainment, but this guide can t be used for financial ways .

to contact me : donefightingalready(at)hotmail(dot)fr




dainns combos are mainly concentrated on walls . The inflected dmg IN COMBOS comes from first hits (cold blue dragon, etc), but also on autosteps because they are the best way to stall in combo for cooltime (for firebomb) . Earth skills are the best way to gain height (especially land giant s fist near walls), whereas ice skills are mainly for dmg (as said before ... exception is ice arrow for example)

fire skills are either ground (ocean of fire, FDH) or used to make enemy approach near wall (fire bomb is an exception since it does nice dmg at wall, even if decayed). So what you should aim for is the ability to do long combos with saving high dmg combo able skills for later

This guide won t be enough alone to make you get omgomg combos, your experience will come from practice AND looking at other guides .

also, take not i m not good at English at all so this guide may be impossible to understand




first thing is : DAINN IS ANGLE GOD

dainn has a large angle attack, which means he can easily use diagonals to hit target at a wall without making it go away ... use them to win easy aerial hits.

As for all chars, he got an angle where ALL hits works, finding it can get you a lot more hits when you have high air time (using 4 keys shift (6629) and 4 keys/fast autosteps)

there s also a position when you hit the target even if you re under it ... which means more fast autosteps (=more stalling for fire bomb)

A A S use :

there s mainly two uses :

    • first is using a A A S which aims towards the opponents . It makes the use of dash AS after this much easier (in open field, used to lower air time)

    • second is to make the target go behind you, to keep on with the combo in an open space. It is useful to do icicle rain when you don t have enough air time to autostep shift


well i consider three types of autostep :

    • first is slow ones, which allows you to stay at your current position

    • fast ones, makes you go a bit forward (due to melee attacks) but reduces less air time than others

    • 4436-likes, which mean you stay in the same line . This is useful for diagonals ...

    • fakes one? 4456, when pressed fast enough it can be as fast as a slow auto and makes you go back. slower than 4436 but way easier to pull out.

A A – autostep - A A etc.

it s the easiest way to get aerial hits at walls, try balancing between slow autosteps (doesn t make you go under the target an) and fast autosteps (to get closer to the target = A A – turn – S possibility)

A A – A A S :

you can mainly use this if you are a bit to far to keep on with AA autostep AA . Remember, the third hit deletes a bit of air time .

some people also consider some “manner rules” (i do a bit, too), which i won t talk about because they change from players . You can use A A – A A (S) to no repeat too much A – A autosteps

you can use A A – A A – A S if you wish too, same use than A A S ... except a bit harder ? Lol

sp – dash – A S :

down attack and wake up animations can be separated in three periods :

time is an arbitrary unit

By hit there, time your down attack / combo so that it hits at the end of that period right when the person falls . That period is very short so you got to be careful

of course the ability to dash – A S fast is also necessary

A A A :


just use it to defend your ice wall against a sieg when you already have used hand and LGF . doesn t always hit but slows him a little D:




Ice Arrow :

in open space this skill is used to gain a bit of distance near a wall ( or air time to use fire bomb ), just cast it and immediately dash-cancel it.

You can either use dash – A S ; half dash – A A – dash A S or shift – A A – dash – A S .

at wall, you can use this skill after a dash – A S to gain height . Cancel it either by an autostep, or by a backdash .

icicle Rain :

well ... you can use this skill after pillar, hand (FUCKEN high air time needed) or just before LGF.

You can use A A – dash – A S or A A – A A S – dash – A S after it .

If well positioned it gives a nice air time at a wall, which is enough to do

A A – A A – autostep – A A – A A ... moar A spam plz

you can use this skill both for damaging and getting aerial hits

Cold Blue Dragon [CBD] :

use at start of your combo ... do NOT waste it

there are better ways to shift / increase air time during a combo .

Also try mastering CBD – dash – abyss – icicle rain ...

Ice Barrier :

well since the move to ijji you can only trap at wall ... use after icicle rain

if you make one under the target in open area he ll warped somewhere (can be used ... or not)

you can also use it to reduce attack angles at walls, to defend urself

Keep it for invincible frames / magic def . Lv 1 gets raped by windkick, lv 2 can handle a little more hits (still gets broken by full windkick) and lv 3 resists well

Ice Pillar :

uhhhh using it for damaging can be a nice option if you have 11 points to spare (does around the same dmg as CBD maxed) . Do not reset too fast ... see if you can insert some dmg skills right after

Also nice near walls ... Try making the last two pillars hit instead of two first, makes air time better (use half dash)

Bitter Cold Breath [BCB] :

u can pretty much force into a combo with it, just use after a skill which gives a bit of air time that is not from ice element (except icicle rain and ice pillar)

use where the aoe would be the best, where it could guaranty to freeze

as example, use it after a second / late pillar of abyss in a combo (less time to counter it)

at wall, using close A A S – dash – A S – firebomb x2 - autostep – A A – dash – A S makes the target unable to escape !

You can also make someone go into a ring which is covered by BCB's aoe (with help of high lv fire orb) like this:




Fire Bomb :

guide part 2

use in open area to get near a wall. Keep in mind u have to dash a bit more compared to other skills

At a wall, you can start your combo with it (quite nice dmg) or just insert it somewhere

do not spam it, 7 CD and a MP usage that is quite high don t go well . note that with lv 66+ skill bonus it gets quite high dmg anywhere in combos ... this is the kind of skill that will make your combo efficient . no matter what the decay is, if you can keep ur opponent in air and use this skill you ll do dmg.

you can shift, backdash or autostep after it

Firebomb and 4keys auto usage in maxed decay combo there :

Fire Orb / Ocean of Fire / Red Fire Dragon :

hey .. you can hit with those things

use when target is “far” or “high” enough to get another combo, commonly used after after icicle rain

Fire Dragon s Heart :

uhhh at walls, it allows to control height for CBD *FDH* 2hit LGF, and add height for CBD *FDH* 1hit LGF . Using CBD FDH allows also to safely cast it, which means higher chance to succeed a ground autostep chain ...

in open land, use CBD FDH LGF, then shift 180° later to allow ice pillar to hit twice even if you re close to the target (requires precision) . This requires FDH lv 1 .

those combos are not that useful... getting max really help in pvp... with some skills that get "haxx" you need to do high dmg output in fast time, with taking lowest dmg as possible, and FDH is the perfect skill for it

Fire Rain :

makes your target get a bit further, lowers air time.

Use to make ice pillar hit twice (fast cast + nice cancel abilities)

this skill will BURN your mp (not that much anymore) so use wisely... ground can also work

Death Dragon Breath :

the use is kinda the same as other fire area of effects (use when high air time)... you can also do other stuff with it

if you have eternal flame set effect, you can combo with it after cbd or abyss ( )

note that with myth ep1 sets bonus (150% atk for 20 secs when u use lv 60 skills) u can pretty much ohko people IF IT HITS

ALSO also also if someone stays in front of you while the cast he ll get knocked in air = low dmg ... be careful.

You also use this at corner!!!! as defensive move!!!! against nado and ending soon mdef !!!!

Real Fire Rain :


get one point in it and get rid of fire rain

less mana burning!

Real Red Fire Dragon :


this is somewhat the same than the normal one except it requires moar sp to reach the same LOW dmg unless u max it... and you have better things to max.




Fury of Land :

hey .. you can hit with this thing

use when target is “far” enough to get another combo ... after ice rain you can use it to slow down even if the aoe doesn t hit.. and cast ice arrow to lead into meteor or whatever you want.

you can use it almost everywhere since it s kinda fast cast.. after rain of fire is the safest . against siegs be careful with provoke D:

Hand of Earth :

this is one of the skills that will give you a nice air time at low and mid height . Its vertical height limit is higher than pillar of abyss' . It s easily dash / attack canceled . You can shift after it, try doing 6686 half dashes so doing A A – A A (S) – dash – A S is easier

if you re too close against a wall, back dash

for shifting purposes, use diagonals

4436-like autosteps can also be useful for diagonals .

this spell is a PHYSICAL atk .

Summon Rock :

is fail . NOT

you can combo after it when reaching wall with a dash – A S or Hand of Earth . Note that dash as may forbid some skills (use arrow Ice arrow + backdash in that case) . To keep a "normal" air time after hand of earth, just use hand of earth – dash A – fire bomb x2 – autostep – A A etc

It deals a nice bunch of dmg

at wall you can shift with it... use CBD – firebomb (x1) - autostep shift ...

works with A A – dash – A S . try timing your fire bomb so it doesn t hit the target = moar rock dmg

i already uploaded a away from wall rock vid ( )

also ... the cancelling got buffed on klunia. is way faster

Land Giant s Fist [LGF] :

this skill has high vertical height, it s easily canceled and still add a bit of air time ... having a mid air time and being positioned for 2 hits makes this skill quite awesome

this spell is a PHYSICAL atk .

Pillar of Abyss

this is best air time skill in open field . You can link all * linkable * skills with it . With melee hits, you can go to A A – A A – halfdash – A A dash – A S .

at wall, the problem is when it hits, you re often close too close to target with high air time ... using dash A abyss works well . You can also cancel pillar by ice arrow then back-dash (4426 or 4436), or time some other skills (like firebomb x2 ...), sure you won t have as much air combos but it won t make you waste an ice arrow

uses of pillar :

"Lv 1 = Pillar CBD, Pillar IA cancel dash as, firebomb 1hit
Lv 2 = Pillar FB (close, hard, on walls only)
Lv 3 = Pillar FB (walled, also on field), AA dash AS (Hard)
Lv 4 = Pillar FB (Superezpz) AA dash AS (ez)
Lv 6 = Pillar IR (close range)

Lv 7 = abyss rain (easy)"

from ryrk on mmog ...

Meteor :

unless you use at ground, as a finisher or ... (see below), the dmg output will be way too low for the mp burned... until you start to have enough mp control

Real Fury of Land :


who dislikes aoe nados?? kinda like before fdh got nerfed ... except bigger area of effect and less hits ... still makes it godlike

gives enough air time for doing real fury of land cbd meteor . Sometimes it hits twice without reset (mainly when target is still at ground when u use it).

RANDOM FACT : max cold blue dragon – dash – A S – max real fury of land – sp – dash – summon rock does ¾ hp in balance .




well since MP regen got a huge buff for dainn, i don t think there s anything to say about it

MAX IT . For stage, S charge + potion should do it ... so maybe focus moar on MP increase

if that s not enough to keep your ur mp lv, you can either get some point in mana extension in emergency (use after skills like icicle rain, summon rock) or MP increase for S charge bonus (but it won t affect a lot)

so i recommand getting max mp regen [+ 4 mana extension] ... of course it can change depending of ur skills lv but since u can use the buff pretty much everywhere lol . Mp regen is now enough with set effect on . if you play a super manner!:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! match you should get lv 4 or 7 extension so you will get back ok amount of mp quickly

if your ur planning on a way to play with ONLY combos, you can reduce skill that are good on ground and not in combo (ice arrow) . But you must absolutely keep ground skills... FOL , (max) FDH , orb are totally necessary against good kriegs / siegs... just watch kl tourney if you don t think so

try capping your ur fury of land level around lv 6 so the slow down is enough to make ice arrow sometimes inescapable... althought i now recommend max... dmg is not bad

Pillar of abyss at lv 1 is enough for resets time to time (allows ground abyss - cold blue dragon) . raise it to lv 2 if you like to reset often (allows (wall) ground abyss - fire bomb x2 [ - autostep - A A - ] dash - A S)

be careful of ice resistance and magic def... the frames don t show up anymoar

ice resistance duration is 60 seconds and reduces your ur ice skills' dmg by ½ (NOT ANYMORE . lv 1 is even worse than before, ice resist doesn t worth your points that much now )

mdef duration is either 16 secs or 22 secs (28 secs with magic def +sp cash items. which aren t out yet! hopefully)




now that bonus is super easy to get... just don t bother too much with set effect... get 2 piece of ep2B...

well i m not a big fan of crit dmg (low bonus dmg is low) even with Llir + Lholy moon + high lv crit, the dmg is still too low UNLESS you use some haxx skill set effect that goes with crit dmg (which requires 2 pieces.. Ltarask can add ~500 dmg (50 dmg/3 sec for 30 sec)

i m more interested by concentrate (NOT ANYMORE)... at lv 66+ some skills cost HIGH mp .

With max concentrate, holy moon princess lir set and +2 concentrate cash items (at least in kLunia), you can reach 20% concentrate, which means 1/5 of your ur skills won t cost mp.

Looks quite nice, lv 1/2 concentrate alone isn t a huge improvement though

Ldrake 4 pieces bonus works wonder in stage, i m almost always full MP with it + max mp regen (except some bosses lol)

6 pieces bonus can make you win nice amount of hit (6-8 hits at wall), allow to reposition urself, do a no decay skill or make real fury of land hit like 3 – 5 times? It works on all kind of hit so it can save your life (can make you win a 0 hp high mp fight)

but sometime the freeze is annoying (screw your combo at start). The choice is up to you ...

you can also go with elemantal dmg ... boosting CBD / IR / FB s dmg isn t bad. eternal flame makes DDB s dmg even more crazy ... and if you get luck enough to activate the bonus, you can do at wall :

A A - dash - A S - CBD - DDB (eternal set effect) - AA - Meteor - stuff ... which is 1/2 life without reset in pvp ...




just a little note... if you re pure pvp and only play in balance... having 340 hp more won t really help you D: but if ppl move to free again... you re build will probably be screwed.. up to you!

lv 65 -

lv 75 -

what i recomend the most ... lv 65

those 4 points go into mp extension or hp increase




this guide doesn t show all skill usages . At all

just remember that mages rely on walls and angles . Use efficient combos ... dainn has resets that can t be countered , use them

having the advantage on first hits will ALWAYS make you win ... as long as you can pull efficient combos, it matters not their length ...

ah, and last note

do not break your computer because the server fails