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Ryan guide

Ryan / Bounty Hunter guide

to mitsu,,;

      1. Introduction

This is a global guide about Ryan. It may not contain every omgomg stuff, and is probably incomplete. My english is far from being perfect... and Ryan isn t translated in english yet... THOSE ARE NOT TRANSLATIONS.

      1. LEGAL

this guide has entirely been written by MoonlessGown, which means ME (or any of my 16 other chars ok)

any reproduction or modification of this guide, partial or full, is forbidden without my consent .

you are free to make a "short" (laws are strange here) quote of this guide adding the writer and the URL address where you found this guide .

you are also free to use this guide for your personal entertainment, but it can t be used for financial ways .

to contact me : donefightingalready(at)hotmail(dot)fr

      1. Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  1. LEGAL

  2. Table of Contents

  3. Meleeing [MLG]

  4. Skills : Tab 1 [ST1]

  5. Skills : Tab 2 [ST2]

  6. Skills : Tab 3 [ST3]

  7. Other Skills [OTH]

  8. Combo stuff [CBS]

  9. Conclusion [CLS]

      1. Meleeing [MLG]

First thing you need to always remember is the blind spot in front of Ryan... As long as enemy is in front of you, you can t hit him with A's (dash – A S solves this problem) .


A's are low angle attacks, althought they can flinch enemies a bit. They vertical limit is very low so you got to be careful on your timing. Dash and skill cancellable


Slow attack, throw some bullets for low dmg output in front of you.. also burns mp... use this to cancel stuff.


Three bullets, then a dash forward that launch enemy in air. Highest air time melee launcher for Ryan. This is necessary to do the away-from-wall combo. Dash and skill cancellable.


Two bullets then an uppercut. Fast, nice air time but short range. Dash and skill cancellable.


Three bullets then a rocket. Those rockets have nice vertical limit, and their angle are nice enough.

Dash, skill and attack cancellable.


Throw two bullets at ground, same dmg formula than yuki. Kinda short range. Basic SP combo is (combo, air time) - A A A A – SP.

SP – dash A is possible.

He also can t abuse of the skill cancellable down attack... so...

Dash – A S

Gun stab then a rocket. Your main weapon! It can be cancelled by attacks and skills so you can spam it easily. It is used to get first hit and infinite. If you re fast enough you can have three rockets flying at the same time...

Dash – A S – S – dash – A S – S ... etc

      1. Skills : Tab 1 [ST1]

Tab 1 is gatling (게틀링).

Skill 1 : Machine gun (연속사격)

Throw bullets in front of you in an angle of 90°. total : 11 hit.

Can be comboed at wall (high decay) or to snipe a bit.

STAGE : 0 (get rb version) PVP : 0,1

Skill 2 : Barrage (집중사격)

Total of 4/5 hits? Low dmg... kinda long cast time not really useful. It can be used on someone who s downed.. to down him again! Weeee!

STAGE : 0 PVP : 0

Skill 3 : Backstep (견제사격)

Ryan tumbles backwards while shooting. Useful to cancel tab 1 skill 6 (reckless shooting) during combos. No invincible frames.

STAGE : 0 PVP : 1

Skill 4 : sidestep (right) (우회피사격)

Ryan tumbles to the right while shooting. Invincible frames 0,0 sec to 0,3 sec, mostly to evade melee Can be used for some shifting, not really efficient tho..

STAGE : 0 PVP : 1

Skill 5 : sidestep (left) (좌회피사격)

Ryan tumbles to the left while shooting. Invincible frames 0,0 sec to 0,3 sec, mostly to evade melee Can be used for some shifting, not really efficient tho..

STAGE : 0 PVP : 1

Skill 6 : that DMC-like move (무차별사격),,, mmm reckless shooting(?)

Ryan jumps in air and shoots over and over. Total 16 hit. Nice dmg, nice in combo, use at ground to max its efficiency. There s a delay at the end of this skill so make sure you cancel it in PVP.


Skill 7 : New machine gun

This skills is the same than the normal version, except the bullets doesn t disappear once they hit.


      1. Skills : Tab 2 [ST2]

Tab 2 is pew pew rockets! (유탄)

Skill 1 : Steel Bomb (강철폭탄)

This skill is dash cancellable after the first hit. Nice dmg maxed. Very useful in pvp... since you can down attack before the stun hits. If you have enough air time (after A A A A), the skill will combo and give nice air time. Does one to three hits, althought it will mostly hit once in pvp.. or twice if you have timing.

For stage i recommand to get RB version... but if u lack dps.. get both


Skill 2 : Burning Land (불타는대지)

90° aoe in front of you. Causes downed target to wake up and freeze them for a fast period of time after it hits, also it doesn t hit in air... though it hits for 1.5 sec or so, so you can make it hit with no decay.

Since it wakes up and freeze you can use it to reset your combo and continue after.. but it requires to have a perfect position.


Skill 3 : Death Rocket (죽음의탄환)

Throw a rockets that deals nice dmg and aoe. Mid cast time.

STAGE : 0, MAX PVP : 0

Skill 4 : Shock of Flames (화염충격)

Make an explosion that deals higher dmg and larger aoe than previous skill, and, of course, slower cast time. Can be used as combo finisher, or after a freezing.

STAGE : 0, MAX PVP : MAX mostly

Skill 5 : Fire Bullet Rain (유황비)

Large 360° aoe that deals ok dmg. Rather slow cast time... can gives nice air time depending of where the target is.

STAGE : 0, 1, MAX PVP : 0, 1 (cause huge aoe are always fun in city arena)

Skill 6 : Lava Blast (용암폭발) :

Nice dmg, high air time if used in a combo (comboable before and after) + invincible frames. Note that the dmg increase for maxing (300 dmg) will only matter if you use immediately at wall.. if you lack points and don t do that... leave it at 1


Skill 7 : New Steel Bullet

Almost no changes except higher dmg..

STAGE : 0, MAX PVP : 0

      1. Skills : Tab 3 [ST3]

Tab 3 is Railgun (레일건)

Skill 1 : pew pew lazorz (연발레일건)

Hits at least twice ... on large mobs it hits like 8 times so get it or your ryan will suxx in bonus/myth -.-


Skill 2 : Frozen lazorz (냉동레일건)

2,2 sec freezing. Works on bosses. Mid cast time, ok dmg i guess... absolutely necessary for pvp! If you don t have this you should quit... Also works in air time.

STAGE : 1 PVP : 1

Skill 3 : Amplificated lazorz (증폭레일건)

Slowest skill for Ryan! Which is 1 sec... not that bad.. You can combo it after freeze or stun. Useful for easy dmg in pvp... not that awesome for unflinchable mobs (that s why allm gives us rebirth version :d ).

Hits up to ten times which makes it nice dmg.

STAGE : 0, 1 PVP : 1, MAX

Skill 4 : No mercy lazorz! Weee (무자비한사격)

2,2 sec freezing, 8 total hits. Nice dmg, angle is higher than it looks like. Easily comboable. It s also 90 sec CD like iron hammer

STAGE : 1, MAX PVP : MAX (you ll need dmg for freeze combo)

Skill 5 : New amplificated lazorz

Higher dmg and now fires two projectiles, means nice dmg on large unflinchable mobs.


      1. Other Skills [OTH]

Buffs... he got unboosted prot fort (bonus def, hp regen, FLINCHABLE), that dacy s increase max dmg and a slow kind of price of sacrifice. I recommand 0 for all... or 4 for prot fort if you got enough points.

His passive are HP increase (MAX/6), MP increase (0 or 1/8),HP regen (MAX/8), MP regen (1 or MAX/8), Deadly blow (0 or 1/8) and Increase max dmg (0 or 1/8).

      1. Combo stuff [CBS]

Away-from-wall combo :

(combo) – A A A A – dash – A turn S – Reckless Shooting – back step – dash A S – etc

Infinite :

dash A S – S – etc

Melee shift :

(combo, enough air time) - dash A S – S – 45° shift – A A (A) – dash A S – etc

Stun combo :

(combo, enough air time) – dash A S – Steel Bullet – (dash SP ( - dash A ) - ) whatever you want...

Freeze combo :

(ground, best is after amplificated lazorz) – Freezing lazorz – dash – Pew pew lazorz – dash – No mercy lazorz – etc

Burning Land reset combo :

(comboing) – dash – A S (at this point you must be at around a dash - A distance from target) – Burning Land – dash – A S – etc

      1. Conclusion [CLS]

Ryan is a char which can hit with melee and start a combo basically everywhere if you know how to anticipate well. Use mind games to lead into skills with no decay... abuse stun and freeze combo for dmg. His basic combos are low dmg... And I m not enough of a stager to rate his dps... although... he has some potential I think :d

Practice! Keep in mind that guy will cost you 1G50S (reagent) per day :d

This is what you should at least have at lv 70 for pvp build

PVPERS! you should not rb before lv 70

And don t break your keyboard because the server fails :d

Thanks for reading,



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